March 17, 2023
TCCF 2023 Dates Announced

With great excitement, we announce the dates for TAIWAN CREATIVE CONTENT FEST (TCCF) 2023 from November 7-12 in Taipei, Taiwan.

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The TCCF Taiwan Creative Content Fest is an important event for the creative content industry in Asia. Every year, it attracts buyers and sellers from more than 20 countries worldwide to gather in Taipei for business collaboration. It presents productions in film, television, animation, and comics with a diverse array of themes for the global market. It is a place for discovering stories full of potential. There are pitch competitions, content promotion activities, and ways to connect with international businesses, networks, and capital. You can also find advanced and engaging new entertainment technologies. Start with TCCF and let Taiwan become your best partner!

  1. PITCHING (Tue 7 – Fri 10, November)

The TCCF Pitching is a venue for creative power from Taiwan and overseas to gather. An array of high-potential audiovisual and  IP stories will be on show at the meeting, including those in film, series, animation, and documentary. The meeting also helps content creators and buyers from Taiwan and around the world to communicate, raise funds and develop cooperation. It works alongside creators and buyers to bring about more popular works in the international market.

【Project to Screen】

The Project to Screen section offers high-quality audiovisual proposals, including in film, series, animation, and documentary. It aims to provide buyers in Taiwan and overseas with works that have the best market potential and can become popular audiovisual works.

【Story to Screen】

The Story to Screen section selects IP stories from Taiwan with commercial potential, including published scripts, comics, performing arts, games, and other high-quality content. It promotes adaptation and interdisciplinary cooperation, trying to create more development opportunities and to bring more eyes to good stories.

  1. MARKET (Tue 7 – Fri 10, November)

The Market Exhibition focuses on the licensing of content and potential IPs, and it brings together professionals in various fields of the audiovisual content industry. It accelerates the integration of relevant institutions from all levels of the industry chain. By organizing exhibitions for professionals in content acquisition, filming resource production, and technological innovation, the Market Exhibition encourages the industry to explore multiple possibilities for business cooperation and exchanges, and expands the global market for Taiwan's film and television content works.

  1. INNOVATIONS (Tue 7 – Sun 12, November)

The Innovations places the spirit of interdisciplinary co-creation at its center with three main ideas: experience of future contents, acquisition of frontier technology, communication, and cooperation. In this section, there are three divisions. "Showcase" showcases the most forward-looking cultural content that combines with applied technology; "Talk" shares current knowledge and stimulates industry professionals' creativity in the content and market development; "Industry Event" provides a platform for different industries to exchange, creating opportunities to find innovative proposals or potential partners and assists interdisciplinary cooperation.


The "Exhibition" brings together the most innovative cultural content from Taiwan and overseas. It showcases the maturity and development of internationally-recognized immersive entertainment productions and demonstrates the potential application of interdisciplinary cooperative projects. It enables industry professionals to experience the new frontier of creative content through installations of extended reality (XR), interactive media and AI, and to observe the integration of technology with humanities, arts, and entertainment.


The "Talk" focuses on the latest issues in the global industry of cultural technology. By organizing forums, talks and sharing sessions, professionals from Taiwan and overseas are invited to offer case analysis, share their professional experience, and discuss future trends. The "Talk" works to create an inspiring place for dialogue between interdisciplinary industry professionals.

【Industry Event】

The "Industry Event" gathers key players in the cultural content and technology industries from Taiwan and overseas, and provides an event platform for industry professionals to communicate, reach out, and seek cooperation by hosting events of matchups, visits, conferences, and more.


Dates: Tue 7 – Sun 12, November

Place: Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, TAIPEI

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