This year's Taiwan Creative Content Fest (TCCF) exhibitors include Pitching Teams, Market Exhibitors, and Innovations Exhibitors.

As a significant content industry event in Asia, TCCF attracts buyers and sellers from over 20 countries around the globe to converge in Taipei each year, fostering interaction and discussion. The event aims at professionals worldwide, showcasing a wide range of films, series, animations, and proposals. Additionally, in here you may expect more trending narratives to discover.TCCF will hold multiplepitching conferences and content-promotion activities that will facilitate matchmaking among international businesses, personnel, and capital. Furthermore, groundbreaking and captivating technology-driven entertainment that pushes the boundaries of imagination awaits you. Start with TCCF and let Taiwan be your best partner.

The submissions for Pitching are now closed. For more details, please refer to the [Pitching] section.

Booth spaces for Market Exhibitors have been sold out during the early bird phase; if you wish to sign up for online booths, please refer to [Market] for more details.

For more information regarding Innovations exhibitors, please refer to [Innovations].

Exhibitor Badge Application/Collection Method

  • A liaison will contact you with information on how to collect your Exhibitor Badges.
  • Applicable until 12 PM, October 27 (Taiwan time, UTC +8) on our official website.

Badge Rights


  • During the exhibition, a badge is necessary for admission.
  • Once a badge has been sold or redeemed, it cannot be canceled or refunded.
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