Privacy and Information Security Policy and Copyright Announcement

Welcome to the website (the “Website”) of the Taiwan Creative Content Fest (“TCCF”), owned and operated by Taiwan Creative Content Agency (“TAICCA”)! You are welcome to share the data published on the Website by sharing links. If you need to reproduce, copy or distribute the website data, please contact us and obtain written consent before proceeding. In order to make you more comfortable with the services provided by the Website, we hereby explain to you the privacy and information security policy as follows:

  1. About The Applicability Of The Policy

  2. With regard to the Scope of Policy: The following privacy and information security policy and copyright announcement (hereinafter referred to as the“Policy”) applies to the collection, use and protection of personal information and rules of copyright involved in your activities on this Website, but does not apply to the websites of other government agencies, other legal entities, organizations or natural persons linked to the functions of this Website. All websites linked to this Website, regardless of whether they are operated and managed by TAICCA, have their own privacy policies and copyright announcement, and TAICCA is not responsible for any collateral liability. When you engage in activities on these websites, the privacy policy and copyright announcement of each website will apply to the protection of your personal information.
  3. Collection And Use Of Personal Data

    1. The Website will not collect any personal identity information only for browsing and downloading behaviors.
    2. When the applicant is required to provide personal data for online application services provided by the Website, each handling unit will, according to the case handling requirements, ask you to provide the latest and most authentic personal data such as name, contact number, email, address, etc.
    3. When you use the Website, TAICCA may collect the following data:
      1. Your data after login the Website with your TAICCA ID Service account, including without limitation progress, inquiry information, record of behavior and activity (including without limitation appointment of meeting, sign up of lecture, show of innovations, etc.)
      2. Technical data such as URL, IP address, type of browser, type and identifier of device, information of operation system, language and visit time, data of location, etc., and the Website will use cookies to provide the functions on each website.
    4. If you reflect your opinions or ask business questions through e-mail or our service mailbox, we will keep a communication record, but only for the purpose of contacting you.
    5. We are obliged to protect the privacy of each applicant. We will not modify or delete any personal data or files without your prior consent, except in the following situations:
      1. Violation of the provisions of this Website, such as abusive or personal attacks in the forum.
      2. Protect or defend the rights of the individual concerned.
      3. For the protection of the rights and interests of all relevant units of this Website.
    6. We will not arbitrarily provide, sell, exchange or lease any personal data to other groups, individuals or private enterprises, except in the following situations:
      1. Cooperate with judicial authority in legal investigation.
      2. Cooperate with relevant competent authorities to investigate or use according to their duties.
      3. Based on good faith and reasonable belief that relevant disclosure is required by law, or used for relevant management work based on maintenance and improvement of the services provided by the Website.
    7. To provide the services under the Website or TCCF, we will provide certain personal data to service providers of online payment, online certification or other related services and/or partner (e.g. service provider of payment, certification and exhibition, etc.).
    8. Personal data collected on the Website in accordance with legal requirements and business requirements will be deleted after the expiration of the retention period.
    9. In the event material national interests may be harmed, competent authority may be prevented from performing its statutory duties or the material interests of the data collectors or any third parties may be adversely affected, the Website shall have the right to refuse your request of alteration, deletion or change of your personal data.
  4. Use Of Cookies

  5. To provide you with the best service, the Website will record users' IP address, time of surfing the Internet and the pages that users browse on the website (commonly known as Cookies), which are used in Google Analytics to analyze the behavior of all users in order to improve the service quality of the Website. Please be assured that we will not analyze the behavior of individual users. If you are not willing to accept Cookie writing, you can set the privacy level to high in the browser function item you are using, and then you can refuse cookie writing, but it may lead to some functions of the Website unable to be normally executed.
  6. Exercise Of The Right Of Personal Data Parties

  7. In addition to the provisions and restrictions on the personal data collected during the online application services provided on the Website, you may exercise the following rights in accordance with Article 3 of the PDPA, and if you intend to exercise the following rights, please contact us to apply:
    1. The right to request a copy of your personal data.
    2. The right to supplement or correct your personal data.
    3. The right to demand the cessation of the collection, processing or use of your personal data.
    4. The right to erase your personal data.
    5. The right to make an inquiry of and to review your personal data.
  8. Information Security And Protection

  9. The Website server is equipped with a "firewall" to protect against illegal invasion, destruction, or theft of data. When you use the services provided by the Website, any data stored on the Website will be fully protected to ensure personal data security.
  10. Self-Data Security Protection Measures

    1. Please take good care of any personal data and do not provide personal data to any third party to protect your rights and interests. Be aware that personal data disclosed on the Internet (such as in discussion areas, message boards, chat areas, etc.) may be collected and used by others, and that you may receive emails provided by others.
    2. We will do our best to check and test the electronic records provided by this Website. However, we suggest that users shall use antivirus software to make a check before downloading any attachments.
  11. Privacy Policy Modification And Consultation

  12. Any changes of the Policy will be effective immediately when we post a revised version of the Policy on the Website. If you do not agree to the changes or modifications, please stop using the Website and notify the Website to stop collecting, processing and using your personal information in accordance with the provisions of this Policy. If you have any questions or comments on the Policy, you are welcome to contact us. Thank you!
  13. Copyright Statement

    1. All contents published on the Website are protected by copyright law, except those which are not allowed to be the subject of copyright (such as laws, orders, press releases of government, etc.)(Please refer to Article 9 of the Copyright Act) as stipulated in the Copyright Act.
    2. Content not allowed to be the subject of copyright is free to use. They are welcome to be widely used.
    3. Where the information content of the Website is protected by the Copyright Act, it may be used only with the consent or authorization of the copyright owner, unless it is the fair use in accordance with the relevant law.
    4. The above "fair use" is explained as follows:
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      2. PrivacyPolicyPage.list.list_8.content.subcontent_4.sub_2
      3. PrivacyPolicyPage.list.list_8.content.subcontent_4.sub_3
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    5. Except as provided in Article 80-1, paragraph 1 of the Copyright Act that "Where removal or alteration of electronic rights management information of the work is unavoidable in the lawful exploitation of the work given technological limitations at the time of the act." or "Where the removal or alteration is technically necessary to conversion of a recording or transmission system" is not allowed, without prior written permission, the right management electronic information marked on the Website shall not be removed or changed.
  14. Licensed Content And License To Taicca And Other Users

    1. When you use the services of the Website, you may provide video, audio(including music and other audio files), image, photo, text, trademark, software,and all other materials protected by copyright law or other intellectual property right laws. It shall be deemed as your acceptance to grant the Website and other websites cooperated with the TAICCA ID Service to use such materials according to the TOU and the Agreement upon your upload of such materials (collectively, the "Licensed Content").
    2. You may use your Licensed Content to promote your business or occupational activity. Unless you have sufficient right to use the Licensed Content or sufficient authorization from the third party owning the right of the same, you shall not upload the Licensed Content to the Website. You shall bear all liabilities derived from the Licensed Content uploaded or in any method provided to the Website and your use of the Licensed Content through the Website. You shall assist TAICCA with TAICCA’s direction if any third party makes a claim against TAICCA or any competent authority adjudicates TAICCA due to your violation of the above-mentioned provision and shall compensate TAICCA for damage (if any) derived therefrom (including without limitation attorney fee, litigation cost, settlement amount, fine, penalty, compensation, interest, etc.). The Website shall have the right to detect if there is any illegal action, infringement, or other misuse (including without limitation infringing content, malware, and other illegal content) by analyzing, processing the Licensed Content uploaded by you with any measure (including without limitation automatic system).
    3. Notwithstanding you upload the Licensed Content to the Website, the rights of the Licensed Content shall be reserved by you or the third party owning the related rights of the Licensed Content. The Licensed Content shall be solely authorized to the websites cooperated with the TAICCA ID Service, TAICCA and the users of the Website subject to the TOU and the Agreement.
    4. You may remove the Licensed Content uploaded by you from the Website from time to time. Upon your removal of such Licensed Content, the license shall be terminated and the Website will not publicly display such Licensed Content, provided, however, the Website shall have the right to use such removed Licensed Content solely for the purpose of archive and data analysis continuously.
    5. TAICCA shall have the right to, in its sole discretion, remove all or part of certain Licensed Content provided TAICCA reasonably considers that any Licensed Content could violate laws, the Policy or any other rules of the Website, or could damage TAICCA, the Website or any third party. TAICCA will advise you the reason of such removal after doing so except such notice could: (1) violate any laws or disturb any enforcement of competent authority; (2) affect the investigation of the cause of removal; (3) damage TAICCA, the Website or any third party.
    6. You shall keep and backup the Licensed Content uploaded by you.The Website shall not have the obligation to keep or backup the Licensed Content uploaded by you or provide you with any copy of the same upon your request.