TCCF PITCHING brings together promising content proposals from domestic and international markets, including feature films, series, animations, documentaries, publishing, comics, and original story concepts. It attracts professionals from the global content industry, facilitating the matching of proposals with international resources and funding, thereby fostering the creation of globally popular works. Selected teams will have the opportunity to compete for sponsored awards and prizes provided by TAICCA and other organizations.

The 2024 TCCF PITCHING conference will officially take place from November 5th (Tuesday) to November 8th (Friday) at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2, 7F. Hall 2, 7F. It will be divided into two main sections: “Project to Screen” and “Story to Screen”. Showcasing highly promising film and television projects and story proposals, TCCF PITCHING is the premier destination for international industry professionals seeking original content from Asia!

    Important Dates:
  • June-July: Call for projects begins
  • Early September: Announcement of selected entries for each session
  • October: Purchase of TCCF badges and registration for each session open to domestic and international professionals
  • November 5-8: TCCF PITCHING
* Registration: Please click on the “Project to Screen” and “Story to Screen” options on the left menu, and be sure to read the registration guidelines carefully before entering the registration system.* If you have any questions, please contact: project@tccf.tw