What is the purpose of a TCCF badge?
Can I enter any TCCF venue with a badge?

Anyone with a badge can enter all venues of the fair, but for specific events, please register in advance due to space or qualification restrictions.

How do I get a TCCF badge?

All badge applications must be made through the TCCF official website with the completion of payment.

Where can I collect (redeem) my TCCF badge on site?

Please redeem your badge at the ticket counter with your e-badge email.

Where can I buy a TCCF badge?

Please purchase your TCCF badge through application/payment on the TCCF official website. If you missed the deadline to apply for a badge before the fair began, you may still purchase a one-day badge (only for the day) at the ticket counter.

How much does a TCCF badge cost?

Professional badge : NT1,000 (around US$ 35)
One-Day badge: NT500 (around UD$18)

What should I do if I lost my TCCF badge?

(1) For those who applied/purchased in advance through the TCCF official website, please present your e-badge email for a replacement at the ticket counter.
(2) For those who purchase onsite (one-day pass), please present the invoice purchased onsite.

Why does TCCF start charging for badges this year?

Amidst the challenges of the pandemic in recent years, TAICCA has supported industry participants by covering the relative costs of TCCF. However, with global businesses rebounding this year, more international exhibitors are expected to participate. Therefore, following the example of similar international events, a fee-based strategy will be implemented beginning this year to fully leverage the value of the exhibition fair.

I work in the media sector, and I did not get a TCCF badge in advance, how can I enter in the venue?

If you have requested an interview in advance, please contact your contact person from TAICCA for further assistance.

I am an exhibitor, what should I do if I do not have enough TCCF badges?

TCCF is a fee-based business fair, all participants are expected to pay for fair badges. Exhibitors with additional needs can apply for individual badges at the TCCF official website in Early September.

I bought an One-Day badge yesterday, can I use the same badge to enter the venue today?

No, each one-day badge is only valid on the day of purchase.

Can I get a refund for the TCCF badge I bought?

Please note that once you purchase the TCCF badge, it is non-refundable. This is because you gain immediate access to exclusive content and special functions on the website upon acquisition. We have implemented this policy to ensure the rights and fairness of all paid users. Therefore, we do not provide refunds.

I forgot to bring my TCCF badge, can I print a copy on the spot?

Yes, you can apply for a replacement at the ticket counter with your e-badge email (one time only). If it happens more than once, a NT$500 cost will be charged for each replacement (same price as a one-day badge).

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