November 7-12 in Taipei
Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
Taipei New Horizon



To provide the best possible environment for the attendees, please follow the guidelines:
  • The physical badge is required for entry into the TCCF venue. Please present your physical badge at the venue entrance for scanning by our staff.
  • Weapons, containers, aerosol cans, large objects, or any hazardous materials are not allowed in the venue.
  • Please keep your voice down in the venue and do not disturb other attendees.
  • Eating, drinking, running, horsing around, taking the shoes off, sleeping on the chair, smoking, littering, sitting on the floor, and other behaviors that pose any risk to other attendees are not allowed.
  • Except for service animals, pets are not allowed.

and Conferences


Anyone holding the badge (excluding One-day Pass holders) can register for all activities and forums provided by the TCCF through this Platform. (Certain activities may require qualification review. As such, the TCCF reserves the right to refuse related applications upon review.):
  • INDUSTRY STAGE: Keynote, Panel, Spotlight
  • PITCHING: Project to Screen, Story to Screen, TAICCA x PAS Feature Film Projects Pitch, Happy Hour: TCCF Pitching
  • INNOVATIONS: Showcase, Talk, Industry Event
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