November 1, 2023
Original content diversifies in Taiwan, as television channels evolve and respond to current needs‍

MARKET focuses on creative content and potential. Exhibitors include content developers, available production resources, and technology innovators. It encourages content industries to explore all kinds of commercial collaborations and models and expand market reach for Taiwanese audiovisual content.

In MARKET this year, TVBS, GTV, SET, and Hakka TV will each present upcoming sequels and flagship series. As paradigm shifts happen to consumption habits, viewers have more options and demand higher quality. In response, television channels must evolve and adapt to keep their viewership.

GTV targets female stories with 《YOU ARE MY SISTER》

In 2024, GTV will premiere 《YOU ARE MY SISTER》. The protagonist lives under the shadow of her outstanding older sister. She is always regarded as “the mediocre one” in comparison. It responds to how younger generations in Asia feel lost, even if prospects are in view.

GTV established a subsidiary Gala Pictures International in 2021. Project development can be diverse and flexible, says director Shu-Pei Hsin. The company aims to innovate on subject matters, techniques, and approaches, to develop great stories with business and market potentials.

TVBS’s 《Money to Save, Love in Safe》 reflects on social conditions

In recent years, TVBS has been expanding its global market. It collaborates with Mediacorp, the largest multimedia content creator in Singapore, in the new series 《Money to Save, Love in Safe》. With a top-tier cast and crew from Taiwan and Singapore, it was also screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

This romantic comedy describes how young couples try to save expenses in their relationships. It includes various approaches to money and lifestyles in modern society. This original IP from Taiwan chooses a unique topic to appeal to both local viewers and international markets.

Hakka TV announces second season of Girls Win with popular sports

Girls Win is a female coming-of-age story that talks about athletic careers and urban/rural gaps. It has won Best Writing for a Television Series at the Golden Bell Awards and became the first series with a second season on Hakka TV in 20 years.

The first season focused on a rural female high-school basketball team in the Tier-A tournament. The second season will be elevated to professional players and the national team, filmed in Busan, Korea. In parallel with the Summer Olympics in 2024, the story will receive more attention. Real professional and retired players are also included in the series to deliver authentic and compelling storylines.

SET continues successful THE RAPPERS in the third season

SET will continue to invest in its popular competition show THE RAPPERS for the third season. From contestant agencies to commercial tours, the business model has proven to be valuable. With collaborations, technology, and international appeals, this IP can generate business value.

With so many options for the audience, says deputy manager Sherry Huang 黃曉玫, a show needs core ideas and features to be visible. Since export is a major objective for audiovisual industries at this stage, subject matters must be appealing internationally, to diverse funding sources.

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