October 18, 2023
With international jury and projects, PITCHING is certain to be exciting and intensive

Bring local and international creators and producers together for exchanges and cooperation

PITCHING in 2023 is extended to four days (November 7th to November 10th) at Taipei New Horizon. Together, local and international project teams present creative ideas with market and global potential.

With international jury and projects, PITCHING is certain to be exciting and intensive

PITCHING is open to submissions worldwide for the first time. Multiple cash prizes have attracted 539 projects from 29 countries/regions, including Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, France, Germany, Norway, and America. More submissions indicate how TCCF has established its international reputation.

For Project to Screen sessions, 15 jury members come from Taiwan, America, France, Germany, Czechia, Malaysia, and Indonesia. These experts have extensive experiences in production, scriptwriting, festival, and talent development, including Hollywood senior producer Tatiana Kelly, Malaysian producer and programmer Lorna Lee, Indonesian In-Docs executive director Gugi Gumilang, and CJ ENM HK Head of Productions Lee Lau. For Story to Screen sessions, five senior executives in Taiwan serve as jury members, including Taiwan Mobile Vice President Daphne Lee, KOKO Entertainment Chairperson Yu-Ling Lin, and Greener Grass Production Chairperson Phil Tang. After three weeks of extensive discussions, 53 promising projects were selected, to deliver more outstanding audiovisual titles.

TCCF PITCHING will be held from November 7th to November 10th in Taipei. 43 projects and 10 stories are selected to compete for TAICCA X CNC AWARD (US$30,000 cash prize), and TCCF AWARD: Best Story (NT$300,000 cash prize). Winners will be announced on November 10th.

TCCF Pitching Workshop

All selected projects this year are eligible for the TCCF Pitching Workshop. It offers practical pitching experiences to project teams to understand market trends. Through practices, group discussions, and seminars, audiovisual industry professionals can enhance their skills and chances in international collaborations and co-productions.

Twelve instructors include film producer Ellen Havenith, Series Mania pitching trainer Michaela Sabo, and Taiwanese director John Hsu. They offer practice opportunities, group discussions, and individual consultations, so project teams can communicate creative concepts in a limited time, appeal to potential investors, and push for international cooperation.

TCCF Pitching Workshop will be conducted online and offline. Through online channels, participants can focus on their own projects. The two-day offline workshop will include group discussions and individual meetings to elevate stories and pitching skills.

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