October 5, 2023
INNOVATIONS: To Boldly Go Where No Creator Has Gone Before

INNOVATIONS upholds interdisciplinary and co-creating spirits and goes where no creators have gone before

With metaverse, blockchains, and artificial intelligence, how should industries prepare for the unpredictable post-pandemic world? This is the place to inspire, to connect, and to engage. Industry workers can deliver values in cultural tech together.

“Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Its mission is to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no man has gone before.” It is the opening words for Star Trek in the 1960s. It’s also how Ultra Combos co-founder Jay Tseng envisions INNOVATIONS in 2023 TCCF.

Based on this vision, INNOVATIONS extends to three topics: the upcoming holographic era, the evolving audience behaviors, and how pioneering technologies join cultural productions. By setting an agenda, Tseng aims to inspire discussions about how cultural industries can identify the next opportunities amid evolving technologies.

Experience future content, extract the latest insights, and expand potential collaborations

How are these topics embodied in the program? It intends to discuss how new technologies propels paradigm shifts in cultural content productions, Tseng explains, and how technology may address pain points in current practices. For example, the holographic era represents changes in digital devices. As imaginations grow beyond displays, INNOVATIONS presents examples of experiences. What will we encounter in the not-so-distant future? How should we prepare to embrace these changes?

Tseng is proud to present the list of works and panels this year. With demonstrations, conversations, and connections, INNOVATIONS invites participants to learn and to think in other fields. Creators can also speak out about necessary skills and resources for cooperation.

Fascinating new worlds, next generations, and in search of new world

Demonstrations are located at Warehouse 5 (fascinating new worlds) and Warehouse 4 (next generations). Tseng suggests visitors start from the former to experience completed, pioneering, or market-oriented works. After opening up their imaginations about future content, visitors can move to Warehouse 4 to see underlying models and technologies in various interdisciplinary applications.

Warehouse 1 (in search of a new world) invites international speakers to popular issues and trends and analyzes various challenges ahead of cultural tech. Instructors from the UK and Austria will lead workshops with limited participants on technical and thinking practices. Sneak peeks bring participants to work environments and witness how future content is created.


As Ars Electronica Festival Managing Director Martin Honzik once said, creative works in Taiwan are based on living environment, cultural quality, and political character. These unique styles are easily identifiable among international works. Tseng also believes that traditional manufacturing mindsets in Taiwan, in some ways, influence cultural productions. Some creators are experienced in swiftly assembling components into products, without macro views in operation. It is a long-term challenge to stay unique while connecting independent creators in the supply chain.

INNOVATIONS attempts to, similar to Star Trek, collaborate with members from different universes and races in the same warship for an interdisciplinary, experimental, and uncharted journey. At INNOVATIONS this year, no matter where you are in the cultural industries, you can discover how cultural tech is relevant, meaningful, and valuable to your sectors.

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