July 4, 2023
Pitching Now Open For Submission till August 3

Pitching is now open for submission till August 3!

TCCF Pitching is coming back to Taipei this November! It's the best channel for those looking for international partners and Asian content, bringing together talented individuals and industry professionals from both local and international markets. It serves as a platform for fostering co-production partnerships and providing financing opportunities, with the ultimate goal of supporting the creation of outstanding works.

More Benefits for Selected Projects/Stories!

● All selected projects will be eligible to apply for the development fund and gap financing support from TAICCA: 

       ○ Creative Content Development Program - Up to 2,000,000 - 3,000,000NTD development fund

       ○ Taiwan’s International Co-funding Program - Up to 300,000USD all at once

● Exclusive training workshops focused on pitch development will be conducted by renowned experts, both international and local, who will assist the selected teams in preparing their presentations to maximize their potential.

● A designated meeting zone is provided for Pitching participants to convene for one-on-one meetings and discuss potential projects.

● Selected projects will automatically be nominated for multiple awards: 

       ○ Cash prizes endowed by TCCF Pitching official sponsors.

       ○ Offers to take part in other international pitching events.


【Project to Screen】

  • TCCF AWARD: Best Project

Financed by Taiwan Creative Content Agency, the TCCF AWARD: Best Project grants a cash prize of 30,000 USD to one selected project chosen from the official selection of Project to Screen.

Feature Films
  • Udine FEFF Award

Sponsored by Udine Far East Film Festival. One selected project will be invited to its 2024 Focus Asia-All Grenre Market in Italy.

  • MIFFEST Award

Sponsored by Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest). One selected project will win a prize worth 30,000 USD in post-production service.

  • Series Mania Award

Sponsored by Series Mania. One selected project will be invited to Series Mania 2024 in Lille, France.

  • 客家電視獎/Hakka TV Award

Sponsored by Hakka TV. One selected project will win 300,000NTD in cash.Documentary feature and series.

Documentary feature and series
  • Docs by the Sea Prize

Sponsored by Docs by the Sea. One selected project will be invited to the 2024 Docs by the Sea Forum.

Animation feature and series
  • 富邦兒童獎/FUBON momo mini Award

Sponsored by Fubon Cultural and Educational Foundation. One selected project for children between 3 to 10 years old will win 300,000NTD in cash, along with support in the form of access to development resources and guidance from international consultants.

【Story to Screen】

  • TCCF AWARD:Best Story

Financed by the Taiwan Creative Content Agency, the TCCF AWARD: Best Story grants a cash prize of 100,000 NTD to each of the three selected stories chosen from the official selection of Story to Screen.

  • 遊戲橘子潛力獎 / Gamania Star Adaptation Award

Sponsored by Gamania. One selected story will win 100,000NTD in cash.

More awards will be announced soon!

Key Dates: 

  • June 01 - August 3: Open call and submission
  • Early September: Announce selected projects/stories. Registration for accreditation starts.


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