November 2, 2022
[PITCHING] Unrestricted Interdisciplinary Cooperation: The Pitching Gives Rise to Future Masterpieces

Unrestricted Interdisciplinary Cooperation: The Pitching Gives Rise to Future Masterpieces

Streaming services are dominating the post-pandemic age, and creators can now break the limitations of broadcasting channels in the past and showcase their talent in a broader online environment. At the 2022 TCCF – The Pitching, proposed projects include films, series, and animation, and cover topics from urban life to suspense sci-fi, displaying the rich creative energy of Taiwan’s original stories. 

This year’s The Pitching features 42 participating teams. One of the proposed films, “Time Loop with the Moon,” combines Taiwan’s strength of young adult theme with fantastic elements; series proposal “Wanderer Guide in Taipei” looks at young people’s urban life from a humorous perspective; animation proposal “The Shaogao Show” is the first-ever production in English and hopes to introduce Taiwanese humor to the international market. 

“Time Loop with the Moon” Assembles the Hottest Keywords

“Every unreachable tomorrow exists for me to fall in love with you today.”

Feature film “Time Loop with the Moon” created by Flash Forward Entertainment is an original love fantasy with a unique world view, which immediately caught the eyes of producer Patrick Mao Huang at TAICCA’s Book to Screen event. Producer Huang reached out to the publisher and got the adaptation right, and invited director Angel Teng and writer Chen Jie-ying to jointly create the “Secret” of the new generation. “There are many popular love story IPs in Japan and South Korea. This film has romance, time travel, and plot twists, which are all elements that make a commercial film successful. I hope we can get more opportunities of international cooperation or adaptation,” said Patrick Mao Huang. 

"Time Loop with the Moon"

“The Wanderer Guide in Taipei” Presents Intercultural Sub-Generational Viewpoints 

A group of young people, who grew up in Dongguan and studied in Taiwan Businessmen’s Dongguan School, return to their familiar yet strange homeland. Turning 30 and struggling with their jobs, what kind of absurd yet funny situations will they run into?

“The Wanderer Guide in Taipei” is jointly created by director Jennifer Yang, producer Chen Yi-kai of popular YouTube channel “I Got All Day,” and writer Chen Fang-chi, who came to work in Taipei from Shanghai. In 20-minute episodes, the sitcom touches on the love and sorrow of young people in Taipei, as well as the sensitive cross-strait issue, in a humorous manner. 

Regarding The Pitching, the team points out that there are few sitcoms in Taiwan at the moment, and they believe that “The Wanderer Guide in Taipei,” which combines their experience of managing a YouTube channel and featuring real life stories as the background, will generate lots of conflicts for laughs, and resonate with young people of the same generation. “We want to create Taiwan’s own ‘FRIENDS’!” jokingly said Chen Fang-chi. 

"The Wanderer Guide in Taipei"

Attack of Online Animation IP   “The Shaogao Show” Resonates with the World through Laughter

The YouTube channel that features “Shaogao,” who wears his sweater over his head all-year-round, and his girlfriend “Baby,” presents through animation the funny daily interactions between two lovers, making countless viewers laugh. Celebrating the characters’ 13th anniversary, creator Jonathan decides to create a new Shaogao Universe, launching an animation series of 10 22-minute episodes. 

“Both the producer and I grew up in Western countries, so we really want to expand Taiwanese IP globally,” said Jonathan. This story that has been brewing in his head for two years will be produced in English. At The Pitching, the team has also prepared a two-minute trailer, hoping to appeal to global buyers with its humor and earn a spot on streaming platforms. 

"The Shaogao Show"

The Power of Golden Horse FPP Series Project at TCCF 

For the third consecutive year, TCCF cooperates with Golden Horse Film Project Promotion (FPP), helping selected outstanding series to increase exposure in the global market. A golden lineup of nearly 20 series has been selected to this year’s Golden Horse FPP, including the dystopian series “The Brides Town” produced by actress Alyssa Chia; family drama “Option B” set against the backdrop of a joss paper shop produced by the team behind “Little Big Women”; The new workplace drama “The Miracle of ER” created by the team behind “Tears on Fire.” 

After breaking onto international platforms in recent years, Taiwanese drama series have thrived with great diversity. Through cooperation with TCCF, production teams can showcase their works in the open market. In the past, the teams fought alone and could only deal with one client at a time, but now they can reach out to ten clients on this platform, meeting more investors. The Golden Horse FPP also points out that, this year’s selected series present diverse themes, and there are more eye-catching dramas, which will be a wonderful feast for all participants.

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