November 2, 2022
[MARKET] TV Stations Promote Flagship Drama Series “Taiwan Originals” Continue to Evolve

TV Stations Promote Flagship Drama Series “Taiwan Originals” Continue to Evolve

Taiwan Creative Content Fest (TCCF) invites diverse works of the content industry, such as TV, film, documentary, animation, and publication, to participate in The Market. This year, over 120 exhibitors are prepared to interact with domestic and overseas buyers via online and offline platforms. Through business matching and assistance of The Market, TCCF hopes to enhance international exposure of Taiwan originals. 

FTV, PTS Taiwan, and TVBS are all bringing much-anticipated upcoming series and flagship drama series to The Market. As content is now the driver of films and movies, streaming services and international cooperation have also become norms. Facing the new creative environment, TV stations are also evolving constantly from focusing on idol and primetime drama series in the past to diverse genres and viewpoints. 

From Family to Couple Relationship   PTS “On Marriage”

Following the success of “On Children,” PTS Taiwan introduces new series “On Marriage,” which maintains the franchise’s sci-fi background to explore the ultimate issue of individual and group through marriage. 

Five teams of directors and writers bring marriage stories of five styles and age groups: in “Book of Bayes,” Allison Lin and Forest Wen navigate the dilemmas of same-sex marriage, and “Marriage No. 1314” explores “Cloud couple.” The series hopes to trigger viewers’ discussion and reflection through these stories of “semi-happy marriage.”

Producers Madeline Wu and Yu Hui-jun hope that the “On…” series can be developed into a franchise IP, and look forward to international or interdisciplinary cooperation, bringing the franchise to more platforms. They also welcome the idea of overseas adaptation for international version or theater adaptation, expanding and maximizing the influences of the franchise. 

“Rally For Love”—FTV’s First International Cooperation

FTV and Malaysia’s Astro Hua Hee Dai join forces to launch new sports romance drama “Rally For Love” with the theme of badminton, a popular sport in both Taiwan and Malaysia. Melvin Sia portrays a Malaysian badminton player studying in Taiwan, who meets his match both on and off the court. “In addition to increasing production budget and securing in advance broadcasting channels, it is also easier to find investors through ad or product placement because the show is set to be released in two markets,” pointed out FTV. 

With greater production support, the crew is able to expand the scale of filming and pay greater attention to details. The drama series also invites real-life national team badminton players Li Yang and Wang Chi-lin to make cameo appearances, increasing the authenticity of the show. FTV also looks to explore more opportunities to cooperate with other overseas partners at this year’s TCCF – The Market.

"Rally for Love"

TVBS “Dear Busters” Reveals the Dynamics of a Modern High Society Family

TVBS shines the spotlight onto the relationships in wealthy family, introducing its new flagship drama series “Dear Busters.” Starting from the opening chapter of the election of the chair of community council, the series introduces viewers through the camera lens to the love and hate relationships of those at the top of Taiwan’s social pyramid. 

“Dear Busters” is TVBS’ first drama series produced with a global audience in mind, sparing no effort and money in terms of production scale and quality. “To appeal to audiences worldwide, we must return to the basics—tell a good story,” said Director Pon Hung. The show probes into the issues of estranged parent-child relationship, succession of family-owned businesses in Taiwan, and youth mental illness. All viewers, whether they want to learn the secrets of the rich and powerful or contemplate on parent-child relationship, can resonate with the show. 

“TV stations have abundant resources to produce quality drama series. We also hope that, with the government’s empowerment, we can create IPs as popular as K-dramas,” said producer Chen Nan-hung. Through The Market and Pitching & Showcase, TCCF hopes that “Taiwanese elements” can ignite a new frenzy in the era of streaming services. 

"Lovely Villain"
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