November 8, 2022
[INNOVATIONS] Cross-Generational Explorations Gather at TCCF

Cross-Generational Explorations Gather at TCCF

Taking creativity as the starting point, what are new possibilities of formats and carriers of virtual cultural contents in the process of concretization? The Innovations invites artists and innovative technology teams to share experience and bring immersive shows and performances, jointly imagining the new future of the next-generation industry. 

Pictures courtesy of exhibitors: Kaohsiung VR Film Lab, Kaohsiung Film Archive, Frees Design International, IPLab

All visitors are invited to visit The Innovations, and the main feature, “Exhibition,” is curated by Feng Chien-chang this year, who is the creative director of Frees Design International that produces music performances and shows. IP Content Lab under TAICCA also joins Exhibition, presenting “Glory of the Taiwanese National Athlete Heroes,” an NFT collection that explores new horizons of sports photography.

TCCF – Exhibition Curator Feng Chien-Chang: Augmentation of Our Imaginations of the World We Live In

The theme of this year’s TCCF – Exhibition is “Computing Augmented Universe,” which is helmed by Feng Chien-chang, a technological art exhibition curator. 

“Actually, augmented universe is to probe into the virtual world from the real world,” said Feng. “Rather than differentiating virtual and real worlds, we might as well refer to it as another actually existing universe.”

TCCF – Exhibition consists of seven areas, which cover contents of art, sports, music, and social welfare, featuring topics like fashion combining WebAR and the age of NFT virtual economy. All 19 exhibits utilize diverse experiences of XR, VR, and interactive projection, to display various forms of the cultural content industry and development of technological applications. 

“This year’s VR contents are all showcased in one area, and each VR work comes with a personal theater. These independent personal theaters form a VR tribe,” revealed Feng. The featured VR work is “The Man Who Couldn’t Leave,” latest film by Taiwanese director Singing Chen about White Terror victims. The story begins with a last letter that cannot be delivered, depicting the real experience of the victims. The VR immersive experience brings audience across spacetime to resonate with the story and has won Best Experience Award at Venice Immersive Competition in 2022. 

“The Man Who Couldn’t Leave”

“Yoshitaka Amano VR Museum” features the virtual version of nearly 100 paintings by Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano, turning the artist’s fantasy world into virtual reality. There are also “Eternal Notre Dame” that reenacts the glory days of the burned down Notre Dame in Paris; “XR Live Concert_Elephant Gym X Flesh Juicer,” a collaboration of Frees Design International, Kaohsiung Film Archive, and Kaohsiung Music Center; and the limited time only 2022 version of “Meta Processing” ReOPEN. TCCF – Exhibition presents exciting performances by teams of different disciplinaries and countries, showing businesses and visiting citizens the infinite potentials of the future contents industry. 

“Through the exhibition, we hope to encourage everyone to augment our imaginations of the world we live in,” said Feng. “We are the Generation C (Covid-19), and the entire world has been rebooted. This seemingly unfortunate generation is actually a generation with lots of opportunities popping up. We welcome everyone to join the computing process, and together, we will march on the great path towards the future.”

“Yoshitaka Amano VR Museum”
“Eternal Notre Dame”
IP Content Lab’s Sports Heroes NFT Dynamically Captures the Decisive Moments in Sports

4D motion photography is utilized to capture and reenact with precision the signature moves of nine national team athletes achieving great results at the Tokyo Olympic Games. Debuting at TCCF – Exhibition, the “Glory of the Taiwanese National Athlete Heroes” NFT is conceptualized by IP Content Lab and jointly launched by IP Content Lab and Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee, becoming the first set of dNFTs (dynamic NFTs) of athletes in Taiwan’s history.

At IP Content Lab under TAICCA, professional technicians utilize cutting-edge technology for interdisciplinary cooperation with Taiwan’s indigenous IP contents to jointly develop new projects and provide technical supports, lowering the cost and barrier for local creative teams to create more forward-looking contents. Singer Hebe Tien’s award-winning MV “One, after Another” and the dynamic scene in the commercial of denim brand Edwin all received support from the lab. 

With one of only nine 4DViews virtual studios in the world, the team at IP Content Lab can utilize volumetric capture technology to digitally record the real movements and appearances of people in the three-dimensional space, producing high-quality panoramic 3D models of real people and movements. “Motion capture technology in the past needed approximately 8 months of time from building model to shooting,” said producer Chen Wei-han. “Using this studio, we can finish shooting in one day, which significantly reduces costs of manpower and time.”

Utilizing 4D photography, “Glory of the Taiwanese National Athlete Heroes” enables panoramic presentation of the star athletes’ movements, making them valuable collectibles to sports card collectors. Also, the technology enables precise recording of details, such as the moment the athlete swings the racket or the defense or attack of the Karate athlete, which can be used as models for training of future athletes. “This collection of dNFTs will be the benchmark case of the lab,” said Chen Wei-han. “For promotional purposes, we will carry out demonstration and assessment, and hopefully, with the arrival of Web 3.0, original local contents will be at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, proposing new applications that have yet to be seen in the market.”

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