October 27, 2023
2023 TCCF INNOVATIONS: Venturing Into the Uncharted Realms of Creators 

Calling for all cultural technology professionals to embark on a journey and explore the unknown! Inspired by the iconic 1960s television series Star Trek, 2023 TCCF INNOVATIONS is a place for inspiration, connections, conversations, and intellectual debates as we collectively draft the outlines of our near-future imaginings.

The exhibition will feature forward-looking experiential works from Taiwan, the UK, Argentina, and Italy. In-depth behind-the-scenes analysis of the Web3, virtual idol, and virtual production industries will also be presented, along with over 15 Talks and events between industry leaders. For more information, please visit: https://www.tccf.tw/innovations

Experience Zone - Strange New World (Warehouse No. 5)

In this area, a collection of forward-thinking innovative content from around the world combined with visions for content conception, with the aid of technology, brings forth new forms of creation. Liberate your perceptions to feel the driving forces behind these forward-thinking ideas, and witness how creators adapt to the outlines of a new world.

Industry Zone - Next Generation (Warehouse No. 4)

Industry Zone is curated around the most discussed topics in the industry— “Virtual Idols,” “Film Production Technology,” “Web3,” “Online Experiences,” and “AI”. By dissecting and elaborating on case studies, each of these five categories offers a glimpse into the groundbreaking practices. Through understanding and connections, we stand shoulder to shoulder as we steer toward our collective future.

Event Zone - The Way to Eden (Warehouse No. 1)

Here we offer a platform for the exchange of thought-provoking and inspiring ideas, including Talks, which initiate interdisciplinary dialogues and catalyze visions for the journey into the future; and Workshops, providing hands-on engagement, facilitating a deep understanding of skills vital for the near future.

There are also “Industry Insights” that allow participants to visit the working environments of various creative teams and witness how innovative projects are born. 

Join us and head toward Eden, engage in reflective dialogues, and begin to envision a better world.



To Boldly Go Where No Creator Has Gone Before

Date|November 7-12

Venue|Warehouses 1,4 and 5 at Taipei Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei



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