May 31, 2022
TCCF 2022 Dates Announced

With great excitement, we announce the dates for TAIWAN CREATIVE CONTENT FEST (TCCF) 2022 from November 3-13 in Taipei, Taiwan. Registration opens in August. For the latest updates, follow us on – LinkedIn and Facebook.


Taiwan Creative Content Fest (TCCF) is a key content marketplace in Asia, gathering top multi-genre entertainment content from Taiwan, and bringing buyers and professionals from over 20 countries to Taipei every year. As a lively business platform, TCCF offers diverse business events like pitching sessions, content showcases, and forum sessions to connect you with promising stories, future fundings, and local partners.

TCCF also presents pioneering entertainment experiences that employ new technologies, as well as innovative performances that combine music and transmedia elements. Come experience TCCF, and meet your future business partner in Taiwan.

MARKET (Wed 9 – Fri 11, November)

MARKET features the best Taiwanese content of the year, providing professionals to display their latest works, catch up with partners, and exchange ideas.

PITCHING (Wed 9 – Fri 11, November)

Offering a series of sessions presenting film, TV series, and animation projects selected by TAICCA and international partners, PITCHING provides opportunities for creators and producers seeking international financing to connect with global buyers and partners.

FORUM (Wed 9 – Fri 11, November)

Global industry leaders gather to share the latest trends and behind-the-scenes stories of the most popular content. Join the conversation!

INNOVATIONS (Thu 3 – Sun 13, November)

INNOVATIONS provides creators with a venue to showcase new forms of entertainment and new business opportunities for the next-gen audience.


"EXHIBITION" invites Taiwan’s cutting-edge technology and international iconic works to participate in the event and explore the perceptive boundaries of narratives, and new applications of new media technology, inviting you to dive into the Metaverse and jointly search for new business opportunities in the experience economy of interwoven virtual and physical realities.


"SALON" is a hub for new ideas. Come and listen to experts and professionals from different disciplines share their ideas!


Newly arranged music performances for immersive combination of all senses and Taiwan’s stories. From music, performance art, to podcast, Taiwan’s strengths in the “audio” economy will blow your mind through various interdisciplinary programs.

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