October 5, 2023
TAICCA announces the largest TCCF to date for cultural content industries in Asia

TCCF is an international IP trade and pitching platform. With MARKET, PITCHING, and INNOVATIONS sections, it offers a comprehensive system for creators, producers, investors, publishers, and marketers to connect and engage. Every year, buyers and sellers from over 20 countries gather in Taipei for business. For professionals worldwide, TCCF presents a wide variety of audiovisual projects in pitching and showcase sessions, along with business insights, potential partners, and funding opportunities.

MARKET welcomes more exhibitors than ever with one-stop industry resources

MARKET this year not only extends to four days, but also aggregates over 100 exhibitors from Taiwan, France, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Besides IP trades for finished and up-and-coming projects, pavilions for France, Korea, and Japan, production assistance, and innovative technologies support cooperation and international co-productions. Pitching sessions also set up multiple awards with local and international partners, with links to other international pitching events. It will create additional momentum for original stories from Taiwan.

PITCHING offers international awards to incentivize Taiwanese creators

PITCHING this year receives 539 projects in total. To bring more market resources for content industries to go global, the “Project to Screen” section is open to submissions worldwide for the first time across feature films, series, animated features/series, and documentary features/series. After elaborations by 15 international jury members with investment, production, and market experiences, 43 outstanding audiovisual projects from 15 countries (Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia, France, Germany, Norway, USA, Iran, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan, and Armenia) are selected. Content producers and professionals in Taiwan have the opportunity to meet international resources and play key roles in international co-productions and content partnerships in Asia. The “Story to Screen” section has received impressive original stories in Taiwan. Five experienced professionals select 10 promising stories, based on thriving local creativity, for audiovisual adaptations.

The “Project to Screen” section is open for submissions worldwide for the first time across feature films, series, animated features/series, and documentary features/series. It has attracted content industry professionals around the world with creative ideas and experiences. The “Story to Screen” section chooses original stories from Taiwan with the potential for audiovisual adaptations. It highlights great stories to more people, maximizes IP values, and increases development across multiple fields locally and internationally.

INNOVATIONS projects the future beyond boundaries and explores the next steps in cultural content industries 

Cultural tech, in essence, is about crossing boundaries, co-creating, and experimenting. These elements are also key drivers behind cultural tech industries. INNOVATIONS this year includes three areas for three scenarios. It exhibits pioneering future content examples worldwide and analyzes and responds to substantial needs. “Experience Area” presents fascinating new worlds, “Industry Area” focuses on industry chains, and “Event Area” dives deeper into subject matters and topics in the industry.

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