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In response to higher needs from broadcasters and evolving business models in streaming services worldwide, this year TCCF Pitching opens to all creators and producers across the globe. We hope to expand diversity and support more international co-funding and co-production opportunities.

Selected teams must participate in training workshops to practice, and get ready for international markets. Following last year's collaboration, Series Mania delegates will once again attend the Series session and select a suitable series project for Series Mania 2024. Additionally, we have partnered with Hakka TV to select one promising series project for the Hakka TV Award along with a cash prize of NT$300,000. We have also invited DeepWaters Digital Support Inc., a domestic company with extensive experience in high-quality digital audiovisual production and investment, to present the Choice of Deep Waters Award. One selected project will be awarded a cash prize of NT$150,000 along with post-production resources worth NT$150,000!

To submit projects, read 2023 TCCF Pitching rules and regulations first.

  • Open call: June 1st 2023 to August 3rd, 2023
  • Fee: US$35 per project
  • Each team can submit one or more projects.
  • International jury will evaluate and select suitable projects
  • Selections and jury will be announced in early September on TCCF website.

Before proceeding with the submission, please create the project/IP in the Creative Content Library first.

Before creating the project/IP in the Creative Content Library, please Log in/Sign Up TAICCA ID.

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